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Keeping Your Young Ones Happy with Custom Printed Wristbands

If you’ve got young children, you will probably be well aware of the difficulties in keeping them entertained. For starters, there’s the incessant grumble of boredom which is often only fixed with a massive withdrawal from your wallet or purse. Only yesterday you were queueing up for an hour or so for the latest must have toy and now it’s nothing more than a memory.

If this sounds all too familiar, and you want (or need) a cheaper and more flexible way to keep the little ones entertained, the answer may lie somewhere you haven’t even thought of but could be your gateway to super parent status.

Custom printed wristbands have seen somewhat of a revolution over the last decade or so. No longer are they restricted to being solely used for security and events. While it’s true that the demand for them is growing as more and more music and entertainment shows are being presented, a list of new ways to utilise these handy bands is ever-growing. But how does all of this relate to your troublesome yet loveable tykes?

What’s so Great about Them?

Perhaps the biggest and best quality about custom printed wristbands is given away by their name. They can be completely and totally personalised with just about any detail.

If your child has a tendency to only want to deal with items of one colour, or feels appreciated when being given something with their name and big smiley face, wristbands can offer the perfect playmate. This is especially useful if your little one has a less than traditional name that isn’t often found adorned on the premade merchandise found in various retail outlets.

What’s more, custom printed wristbands don’t carry the costs that some of the more traditional or modern toys do. For the price of the latest gadget with flashing eyes or cute voice, you could buy upwards of 1000 bands. Maybe 1000 is a bit of a steep figure but of course you don’t have to purchase this many of course.

How Can They Be Used?

Children and wristbands isn’t a traditional match made in heaven but many parents have incorporated bands for various different uses with much success.


A lot of children love being told that they’ve done well, and some will try extremely hard if there is a reward at the end of it. Custom printed wristbands can be made with special messages such as “I’ve Eaten All My Vegetables”, “I helped with the housework today” or any other special recognition you want to get across.

Arts and Crafts

Who didn’t love making a collage or painting a picture as a child? Ordinarily you’d have to go out and buy this, that and half of the local crafts shop before you got creative with your little ones. Wristbands are surprisingly good at acting as a range of materials. They come with sticky tabs so there’s not as big a need for adhesives, they come in plenty of different colours so there’s the reduced cost of buying paint and they can still be drawn on with pen or felt tip. There’s probably going to be less mess to clean at the end too so you needn’t feel guilty about joining in.


Custom printed wristbands may also allow children to create a uniform for their budding team of hero toys. Good guys could be one colour, and bad guys another making the struggle for justice that much easier when it is simple to identify who is trying to take over the world. The teams could even change as members defect to the other side and tear off their current outfit or each character’s name can be emblazoned on their kit.

Safe Fun for All the Family

As well as providing a fun, cheap alternative to the battery operated playthings that dominate almost every room around the home, custom printed wristbands offer an added sense of safety too.

The bands cause no irritation and can comfortably adapt to any number of situations. All of this means that they could possibly provide an answer to your restless child’s questions.