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Primary School Wristbands

Primary schools are where children learn the basic elements of becoming an adult. At five or six years of age, their lives are turned upside down. No longer do they stay at home hanging on mum’s every word or watching cartoons. Instead they are obliged to go to school daily, on time and behave appropriately.

Here at AA Wristbands we remember our school days with fondness. Receiving stickers and certificates for meeting certain levels of behaviour, effort and performance gave us a feeling of confidence and invincibility.

We loved stickers. The problem was that our parents complained that they took bits of uniform with them when they were peeled off. That’s why we offer an alternative method of recognition to primary schools. Wristbands can be the ideal solution. They can act as both a sticker and a certificate and leave both children and parents satisfied.

There is a whole range of uses for wristbands within schools. Here are a few examples of how they can be used to acknowledge the achievements and help identify key information for children.


It’s no secret that children like a token of their hard work to take away with them. Rewarding good work or behaviour can be encouraging to them and buoy them to repeat acts of kindness and dedication. These bands could have text such as “Spelling Star”, “Maths Genius” or any other subject field printed on them. Of course, children learn at different rates and not all of them can be top of the class. Rewarding commitment can be just as special to young people and they can feel as smart as anybody else. Our Wristband Customiser allows you to design many different wristbands for different uses. With a whole host of colours, logos and fonts available, you can get the right band for the right purpose.


Tyvek wristbands can be used on an accumulative basis to gain rewards. For example, you may say that anybody who gets a certain number of wristbands in a day is entitled to a prize of your choosing. This will increase engagement and ultimately aid the child in the education process.

Accident Reporting

he playground can be a dangerous place. We’ve lost count of the number of cuts and scrapes we picked up from bumps at playtime. We used to go the nurse and get a note to take home to inform our parents of the incident and most of time, we’d lose it almost straight away. Applying a wristband to a child with information such as “I bumped my head today” or “I’ve had a fall” can ensure that parents are made aware of accidents. Tyvek is a very strong and durable material which cannot be easily removed, especially by a child.

Trips and Visits

Children can be a handful at times, particularly when they are about to do something fun. School trips can provide a platform for them to get excited and impulsive. You can use wristbands to make sure that if any of them wander off, they have a means of telling somebody where they are supposed to be and who with. Our wristbands can be customised with any information you wish and adding contact details to a wristband, just in case, can see everybody have a great day.

Sports Day

Sports days across the land see many winners and competitors alike given special recognition. It is tricky to get the right reward for small child. Rosettes are probably inappropriate and stickers can peel off. Wristbands can have special messages such as “1st place egg and spoon race” printed on them and can act as a lifelong souvenir for participants.

At AA Wristbands, we feel it is important to encourage the generation of the future to devote time to their learning, both academically and as a person. Whatever reason you have to reward a child, it can give them the confidence to keep on schooling and become invested. Wristbands can be personalised to match the needs of any school. With 19 different colours to choose from, as well as an extensive catalogue of fonts and icons and the ability to add your own, we can help you create the band for any occasion.

We stock over 10 million wristbands and most orders are received with 24 hours of receipt thanks to our lightning fast turnaround team.