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All Inclusive Wristbands

Wristbands have long been associated with privileges and advantages. When used as a differentiating tool, people sporting wristbands can easily be identified as being part of a group who can be expecting certain benefits from an establishment or event.

Perhaps the biggest evidence of such perk related accessories is when holidaying. Most of us have sat on at least one side of the fence; feeling like the reigning monarch of a resort being showered with free supplies or the dejected soul who would do anything to get their hands on an all entitling wristband.


Festival Wristbands

It’s Festival Season

Happy summertime guys. Here at we love the summer – not only are we busy printing away on our wristbands for your festivals, but we also take a little time to chill out and attend some of the smaller, more local festivals (Obviously rotating staff as someone has to be on customer service duty).  we produce tens of thousands of our tyvek paper wristbands for small festivals and so we only think it fair that we show these our support -and we have a jolly good time doing it.

If you are at a festival this summer make sure to be safe, dress appropriately, drink plenty of water, wear your customised festival wristbands but most of all be sure to have fun, after all that is why we are here.

In other news – here at wristband headquarters we have experienced a record breaking month – smashing the old record by a whopping 26% on numbers of wristbands sent out. This is fantastic news, seeing as we invested in a new printer last month – it has been launched into the deep end.

Remember, we start our orders at 80 wristbands on the minimum run and 100% (Based on the last 3 months statistics) are produced and posted out within 24 business hours. So if you are behind schedule, need wristbands urgently, whether you are in a large group or a small group, we are fast becoming the lifesavers of the tyvek wristband industry.

Folks – until next time – wristbands out…….

What have the team been up to this month?

Well it’s been an exhausting but pleasurable month here at! With summer now officially with us we have been busy customising Tyvek wristbands for a stream of our varied, valued customers! Promoters, fairground operators, large and small festivals, schools, pet owners and event organisers are just a few (of far too many to name) people who have received our second-to-none service of customised paper wristbands, which are both very cheap and very efficient!

We have invested in a new state of the art printer to enable us to print more wristbands – adding to our already large portfolio of state of the art gear – we do like to stay ahead of the game here at wristband headquarters. Remember, we have the ability to print over 100,000 customised paper Tyvek wristbands every 24 hours, all of which contributes to our amazing customer service – in fact, according to our scrutinised statistics, every single order in the month of May, and so far in June, has left our office within 24 business hours of being placed – now how is that for efficiency?!!

So whether you are planning a school trip, a large festival or a private party, use our wristband customiser to create your personal touch with a wristband from

Until next month peeps

The Team